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Summer is a coming!  Who needs a free Camping Checklist, with Meal Ideas? If you do, click the "Click Here" below, print, and go.

Packing for camping is not fun at all.  However, this list will make it easy. I have also added meal ideas to make it easier for you.  As soon as our kids are out of school, we are off to the next camping destination. We try to hit different sites to show our kids the beautiful country we live in. The kids ride their bikes around the campground,  hubby and I relaxing by the campfire with a good book. Keep the packing, and cooking easy, and your camping experience will be a relaxing experience also.

CLICK HERE to view and print your camping checklist.  

With this checklist, there is no stress in forgetting a thing. I hope this makes your packing experience a little more organized, and fun.

Please share your camping recipes.  My newest recipe the whole family LOVES is Tater Tot Casserole. I cook everything ahead of time and put in separate Ziploc bags. Assemble once at camp, and bake.  It helps on the dishes, and makes camping more relaxing for me.

For the RVers out there, don't forget to add to this list:
~DVD Movies
~Fill Water Tank?
~Propane Tanks Filled?
~Check Tire Pressure

For New Mommies don't forget to add to the list"
~ Portable Crib
~ Foam Mat (to put under baby when not in crib).  You can find foam mats in puzzle piece shapes. Easy to take with you.
~ Baby Bottles
~ Cups / Bowls / Utensils for baby
~ Diapers
~ Baby Wipes
~ Baby Food

Love your comments, and Happy Camping!

Easy Trailer Kitchen Remodel

Follow along to see the entire Motorhome remodel.

When I decided to remodel the Motorhome, I decided the kitchen needed a fun look.  I headed out to my favorite discount home decorating store.  After a lot of fun shopping for my inspiration I found the curtains you see in the above picture....the color scheme was found.

You can use shower curtains (made with material not plastic), drapes, or find your favorite material.  The price of material being as expensive as it is these days, I try to find other options for inexpensive material.

Here is the Motor Home Kitchen Before (yuck!)   

The first step, was to remove the ugly outdated wallpaper. To my surprise there were two layers of wallpaper to remove. Once I was able to remove the bottom layer, the wallpaper came off easily.  I used a razor knife to cut the wallpaper at the ceiling, and around the countertop trim.  This allows the wallpaper that is behind cabinets, trim, and countertops to remain in place. 

I will paint over the wallpaper inside cabinets so I didn't want to remove the wallpaper in some areas.  When it comes to remodeling Trailers you just need to decide what is worth removing vs. what is better to keep and just paint over.  I wanted to keep the trim installed on the countertop, so cutting the wallpaper off around the counter was necessary. If I pulled the wallpaper off around it, it would have pulled off the trim. 

Removed the old curtain track system from all windows. Some needed to be unscrewed. Most of track could be removed just by pulling it off.

I taped off the oven and started painting the upper and lower cabinets.

If your cabinets have any detail, paint the detail with a brush first. Then you can use a small roller. For the upper and lower cabinets I used BEHR Premium Plus Ultra with Primer, color: Vast Desert.

I taped off the oven, sprayed the oven, and oven vent with High Head Rust-oleum Gloss Finish.  The Matte finish will make it difficult to clean. Gloss finish helps to be able to just wipe it clean. 

Once the Heat Resistant paint dried, and the first coat of paint dried on the cabinets it was time for the backsplash to be installed.

Since this glass tile is going into a trailer Power Grab All Purpose Adhesive is the best choice.
This allows the trailer to move without the tiles breaking. Turn the tile square over and apply adhesive.

The curtains were made from store bought drapes.  Just cut off the excess of the material you don't need, and sew the edges closed.
It's that easy!  What a change a little paint and tile can make. 

Happy Remodeling!
And don't forget to share your pictures with me.

 Friday, September 20, 2013

5th Wheel RV Remodel

Love Camping? Love your trailer, just wish it didn't look so outdated? You might consider remodeling a few things.  It doesn't have to be expensive .  Here is what I did with our 5th Wheel Travel Trailer. 

To begin with my husband and I do not like brass, light pink, flower curtains, and the lack of personality in our trailer. 

Here is a few BEFORE pictures ...

This is a before shot of the trailer. The floors were a white linoleum, and I put down "Slate Looking"  linoleum squares down.

Our trailer is in great condition just needed to be updated.
The first thing I always do when I start to remodel anything is ..... PAINT!  It is very inexpensive and changes the look very quickly.  I had a gallon of my favorite BEHR RED Paint at home.  It has primer already in it.  I chose a couple accent walls, and started painting.  It took 3 coats before reaching the desired color. 
I applied a silhouette sticker on top of the paint once it was fully dried. You could also paint a silhouette of anything to get the same effect. 
MOD PODGE (found at any craft store) is very important in a travel trailer.  The paint will get bumped and this helps keep the paint from chipping off the wall.  I took MOD PODGE and painted over the paint.  It has a white milky look, but trust me it will dry clear.  I like seeing the paint brush marks, so I purposely left the brush marks showing.  If you don't like this look just take a little bit more time and smooth out the MOD PODGE before it dries.

I used self-adhesive linoleum tiles to cover the old white linoleum. White flooring in a trailer is not a good idea. It shows every spec of dirt and isn't very appealing. There is no need to remove the old linoleum unless it's in very bad disrepair. Start at the door and remove the threshold. Without removing the adhesive backing lay the tile down. Using scissors trim any areas on the tile. Do so before you remove the backing. After you lay the first tile dry fit the next one and so on. For best results, apply each tile as close together as you can.
Next I removed the hideous light pink carpet from under the Master Bed, and stairs. 

Then I purchased grey colored indoor/outdoor carpet. Instead of using the adhesive meant for this type of carpeting, I used a staple gun.  I wanted to make it easy to replace when needed.

I then removed the pink floral detail from the valences.  Once I pulled them off I used the same red paint. Yes, PAINT and put a little on the brush and started painting in a circular motion onto the material. You don't need to remove the valences as long as you use Blue Painters Tape between the wall and valence.  Keep adding more paint until you reach the color you are trying to achieve.  Once dried the paint does not come off.  It looks and feels like the original material.  GREAT MONEY SAVING TIP DON'T YOU THINK?
Notice I also painted the sconce shades. I removed them, took them outside, and spray painted them with red paint we already had. Remove any old dingy curtains. In this case, ugly pink curtains. Curtains are so easy to sew. I found a light brown faux leather material, and sewed new curtains. Just use the old curtains as your pattern for sewing. Using the matching black material from the couch I sewed curtain tie-backs.
Notice behind the stove is just plain boring wallpaper.  This is  a great space to add color. I found these tile sheets at Home Depots clearance section for $5.00 a sheet. I needed four sheets behind the stove so I purchased Five sheets. This way I could use this inexpensive product here-and-there for accents.

Small glass Mosaic tiles are best when tiling in a trailer. The smaller tiles holdup great for trailers that are bouncing around. Hold your sheet of tile on the wall where you need it to go. If you need to cut any tiles use scissors and cut tiles off sheet as needed.

I used Construction adhesive for the back of tile. I applied to the entire back and press on the wall. For best results, use the adhesive that dries clear. It is better to use Construction Adhesive than tile Thin Set. Due to the movement of the trailer this helps keep the tiles from breaking.

For the bathroom:


Utilize wall space whenever possible. I found this cute wire rack at Ross for $12.99. It holds our towels leaving room for bathroom supplies under the sink.

  Purchased red sheets, and sewed a pillow that matched the wall, and we are almost done. :)

Chalkboard Refrigerator:

Notice the refrigerator.... it's okay but a coat of chalkboard paint would look much better. And it keeps the kids entertained when we are camping in the rain.  Plus, I like being able to write out the trips Menu on it too.

After Picture of Refrigerator coming :) 

Handles and Drawer Pulls:
Super simple! Just remove all handles, spray paint with black metal spray paint. Once dried turn over and spray the other side.


Thank you for checking out my 5th Wheel Trailer Remodel.

Stay tuned for my Motor home Remodel (which I just started). And please share your project pictures, I'd love to see them.