Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Girls Turqoise and White Butterfly Room

Easy and Inexpensive!
Spice up your kids room with butterflies, turquoise, inexpensive place mats, tissue pom-poms, and clouds. 

Supplies Needed:
1-2 Gallons BEHR "510D-4 Embellished Blue" paint
1 Spray Paint Can in matching Turquoise Color
1 Small Butterfly Punch
1 Large Butterfly Punch
White Copy Paper
12 Dark Turquoise Place mats 
4 Packages of Tissue paper  in white and Turquoise
Double sided tape
18 Gauge Wire (purchase at a home supply store not a craft store to save money)
Metal Wreath Frame
Hot Glue Gun
Glue for Glue Gun
Chalkboard Paint
Spanish Moss

Start with BEHR turquoise semi-gloss PAINT.  Paint the entire room, or just one wall if you prefer an accent wall.

Purchase a Butterfly Paper Punch.  You will need a Small and Large Butterfly Punch. I purchased mine online from EK Success.                                                                    Large Slim Punch Butterfly - $14.  Small Butterfly Punch $18.
Use copy paper and start punching away.  Kids love using paper punches so let them help you.  You will need about 45 small butterflies, and 100 large butterflies.  Cut small strips of double-sided tape. 

Draw with a pencil a small circle, looping the circle around again.  Erase any pencil marks after butterflies are attached to wall. Tear off one side of tape on double sided tape, attach to body of butterfly.

Start in the center and tear off the other side of tape attach to wall.  Press firmly. 

Start attaching butterflies close, then as you move out of the center attach butterflies a little further apart.

 Find inexpensive place mats, using a stapler attached place mats to one wall in a sporadic pattern.

Branches in Polka Dotted Pail:
For an inexpensive fun accent to the room, get 10-12 thin branches. You can either cut from your backyard, or go to your local craft store.  Spray branches with turquoise spray paint. Let dry then turn branches over and spray paint other side. 
Find a metal pail, I found this polka dotted metal pail at Michael's Craft store. Add floral foam, then add Spanish moss to the top covering the floral foam.  Push branches through moss into floral foam, (then with your left over butterfly punch outs) and Hot glue butterflies to the branches.  Using copy paper cut out small leaves for the end of the branches.  he leaves should be about and inch and half in length.  I used fun turquoise scrapbook pages for a few of my branches.  Voila.....that's it you have a super cute accent to the room.  (I also used this for my daughters centerpiece for her butterfly themed birthday party.  Check out that blog under "Parties" tab. 

How to make Pom-Poms:  (Watch this quick & easy video)

Using fishing line, and thumb tacks, Hang the Pom-Poms in staggering lengths,  group in odd numbers. I choose to hang the Pom-Poms on both sides of the bedroom window. 
How to make Butterfly Chandelier:
Punch another 80 butterflies using the Large Butterfly Punch.  Wrap wire around inner circle of metal wreath frame,  cut wire in 18" lengths. Cut about 10 in this length.  Cut another 10 in 12" lengths.  Start from the bottom, using a hot glue gun and "sandwich" two butterfly pieces together with the wire staying in the center of the butterfly.  Leave an inch space, and glue another until you reach the metal wreath. Continue with all pre-cut metal wire lengths.

Paint Clouds on Ceiling:
If desired paint clouds on the ceiling, or paint the ceiling white.
I went with more cartoon looking clouds vs. realistic looking clouds.  
Look around the room and see what details could use a little Turquoise paint. 

Another fun touch ... paint the closet doors in chalkboard paint.  If your child likes to draw as much as ours, this was a fun way to keep our daughter creative.

I hope this page gave you a few fun ideas.  Don't forget to pin, share your pics, and any questions or comments you may have.
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~ Jeannine