Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rapid Weight Loss Meal Plan


Congratulations, are you ready to loose weight?  It sounds too good to be true I know. But it isn't! You will need to stick to this eating plan, and remember one thing.... this isn't a diet this is a Life Style.

If you start off with the wrong way of thinking you WILL ruin your attempt to loose weight, and begin a healthy way of life. This is not about loosing weight quick and returning to bad eating habits. This is about eating healthy, and staying healthy.  While doing so you will experience Rapid Weight Loss. You WILL start feeling better mentally and physically while watching your pounds disappear.

** It is not listed above... sorry I have to be the one that says this but NO ALCOHOL is allowed. (Go to Tip #1 for more information if you choose to drink alcohol). This eating/meal plan is for a female with little to no exercise.  My week consists of Yoga, working around the house, and Riding Horses. Due to a neck injury, and back pain I am only able to do little amounts of exercise.   If you are an VERY active adult you run, exercise often you might need to adjust this plan by increasing amounts from 2 ounces to 4, etc. You might have to add salt and a little sugar.  For one reason or another if you are like me, you are unable to workout or choose not to this eating plan is right for you and needs no adjustments. 

Let's get started....
1. Print out the above Meal Plan and put it on your refrigerator. Tell the people in your household that you are starting a new Life Style. Inform everyone to help by not tempting you with the wrong foods. Let everyone know you are not being rude but you will turn down wrong foods if they are given for you. I always feel bad turning away meals my husband cooks for me. This took care of that. Announcing your new Life Style to your household holds you accountable.  And yes you will need to be accountable. :)

2.  Write down your current weight, and measurements. This is where it gets exciting to see the change.

3. When can you start this Meal plan?... right now.  Even if it is almost dinner time. Start at the dinner meal idea.  These meals are designed to be ideas. When you see a protein/meat, or veggies, just use what meat, or veggies you have and enjoy.  Also, add at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week, if possible. Also, be patient.  If you are really overweight remember your stomach is shrinking with each day.  You are going to feel more hungry than you should due to your stomach being larger than it should.

Warning **** the below information contains harsh to the point facts explaining why you can't lose weight and why you are overweight. If you are one of many in our society who gets their feathers ruffled easily you might not want to read on. If you have a level head and can handle the hard facts please keep reading.

If you are having difficulty managing your weight this is because:

1. Portion Control (eating way too much food)
2. Eating all the wrong foods
3. Not thinking just eating (being bored not hungry)
4. Not planning your daily meals (If you don't plan your meals, you are going to be starving and eating at fast food restaurants or pizza joints. This WILL guarantee to put on a LOT of weight. Stop it!)
5. Drinking specialty coffee often instead of water (one coffee can contain two days worth of calories and more sugar than you should be consuming in a month).
6. Being lazy and not exercising. (Stop sitting on the couch for hours at a time.If you do this I guarantee you will be/stay overweight. So get off your booty and go do laundry, clean your house, do the dishes, or mow the lawn, better yet go for a run/walk, or play with your kids.  You should only be sitting on your couch at the last hour of the night. If you are always saying you do not have enough time in your day to get things done. It is because you are spending too much time sitting on the couch looking at your phone, and over eat at the same time.If you do work from your computer put in up on your kitchen counter and work standing up.  At least standing circulates your blood flow. Much healthier for your heart, and your body )

Again, this is a tough love. If you are ready for tough love, the truth, and weight loss results please read on. If you are a sissy-lah-lah go sit on the couch, eat, make excuses, and keep expecting results that will NOT happen.

Being Successful:
Tip# 1 The More You Cheat, The Longer It Takes

Need I say more?  I don't know about you but I like to see quick results.  I want to know my hard work is paying off.  If you stick with this plan, I guarantee you to see results QUICK.  I will include recipes for no carb, no "real" sugar cookies for the days you are having impulse control issues.  But remember each cookie is 60 calories, contain natural sugars from bananas, and contains carbs.. You will quickly stop your metabolism, and ruin your hard work. Everyone has cheat days, just expect to be disappointed when you wake up the next morning and see the pounds have crept back on overnight.  To me, cheating isn't worth it. I feel I don't need to give into cravings.  I always say to myself, are you really that hungry, are you starving? The answer is usually No. Be strong, and you will become strong.

Tip# 2 Knowledge is Power, Download "Fitness Pal" App

Go to MyFitnessPal app and download this free app.
If you have another app like it that you prefer great stick with what you like.  This app is wonderful. Just enter your weight, and your meals eaten.  Remember to add coffee, and snacks.  The only person that sees this is you. You can also check out restaurant food and see just how unhealthy eating out it is for you.  It gives you calories, sodium, carbs, sugars in all the foods we think are healthy at restaurants..... like salads. Prepare to be amazed that salads can be very unhealthy when ordered at a restaurant.  I will be going into knowledge about food later on.

Tip #3 Train of Thought:

Are you really hungry, or just bored?  Most people eat fast go back for seconds and feel miserable because they ate way too much food. Next time eat your small portions then drink water. If you think your hungry wait 15 minutes. This allows your stomach time to tell your brain you are full and satisfied.

Stop letting food control your life.Develop a hobby, volunteer, get to all the tasks you think you don't have time for. Remember, this is not a diet, it is a Life Style.   To be successful in eating right you must stop saying the word "diet" and thinking this is a "diet".  A "diet"  is temporary, a get thin quick then go back to being a pig way of thinking. Diet creates self-pity, and thinking we deserve the wrong foods. If you want to be successful in your life, and with your body stop making excuses.Stop eating that bowl of cereal late at night. In fact,  you should not be eating past 6:00 p.m. The earlier you stop eating the better. That will give your body time to work off calories before going to bed, otherwise it will be stored as fat. Get real about what is important to you. Your flabby butt being gone, or the glazed doughnut in the break room.  Also, I believe it is a bad message we send our children by using the word "Diet".  If we teach our children how to eat right, how to eat correct portions, they should never have to diet. Doesn't that sound good?  Obviously, use common sense when teaching your kids self control and how eat healthy. Explain in a fun educational way. Do not be demanding or make them feel like they are overweight, etc. You want to be careful so you don't give a negative body image to kids. If you are careful what you say this will be a positive learning experience. I am here to tell you my Mother taught me great eating habits, and I have never had to diet my entire life. Don't we want to pass that Life Style onto our children?  Be a good role model for your family and kids.

Tip #4 Drink Lots of Water

Every nutritionist will tell you, the first step to good nutrition is drink a lot of water. When you have just eaten a meal, and you want to go back for seconds drink a glass of water.  Chances are your brain hasn't had time to figure out that you are indeed full.  So, be patient, use self-control, drink a glass of water and wallah you will be satisfied. Your daily intake of water should be 96 ounces.  Get a large cup with straw, get your measuring cups out with ounces on it.  Pour in 96 ounces to see how much (of that particular cup) you need to drink.  I carry the same cup/container with me every day.  I come home and throw it in the dishwasher and use it the next day.  It helps me not forget how much water I need to consume.

Tip #5 Picky Eating

Once you are ready to stop wining about how bland food tastes, and when you are done being a whinny baby.... you will see results.  The people that are highly picky eaters will have a harder time with eating right. Why? First of all, they are only use to salty fating sauce soaked food. This is how they tend to think "Oh, that chicken looks okay, yet if I put this yummy sauce on it, boy that is going to taste so much better."  Yes, it will taste better. But, what have they done?  They have added salt, carbs, and calories, and excuses. You can ruin your entire daily intake in one meal with this one mistake. Stop this way of thinking.

Tip #6 Not all Salads are healthy
How many people do you hear say "I must have a metabolism problem because all I eat are salads, and I keep gaining weight.  Research what you are eating, before you eat it!   Use step #2 and download Fitness Pal app, and enter in what you are eating.  Or another example, a small container of Greek Yogurt has 38 grams of sugar. Sugar=Fat.  That one mistake a day could be what is causing you to gain weight.  Example, Applesbee's Oriental Chicken Salad contains 1,390 calories, 98 grams of Fat, 15 grams of Saturated Fat, 1,610 milligrams of sodium. In one meal you have exceeded your daily target calories, sodium, and carbs. Knowledge is power, educate before you eat. Pay attention! In the above meal plan, go ahead and make a salad with the correct above portions, use Balsamic Vinegar as dressing. Otherwise, Do Not add dressing to your salad. Also, do not add canned vegetables.... (very high salt content).
If you must eat out here are a few ideas what you can order:
- Grilled not fried chicken, or Pork with Veggies on the side.
- Salads, ask for Balsamic Vinegar on the side, do not add bacon, cheese, croutons, etc.

Tip #7 Stay away from the middle of the grocery store
Stay away from processed, pre-packaged anything.  Get ready to make your own salsas, sauces with Balsamic Vinegar, and making your own spices.  I will add recipes at the bottom for more meal ideas. Everything prepackaged contains TOO much salt.  Why are Americans overweight? We are spoiled, think we should have whatever we want, especially when it comes to food. Most Americans are sold on the quick and easy unhealthy food choices.

Tip #8  Eating Healthy is Scientifically Proven to make you Happy
Eating healthy is Scientifically proven to make you happy. If you would like to read more about how Happiness is a choice check out It Is Scientific Proof That Happiness Is A Choice

Tip # 9 Make your weeks worth of meals up Sunday night
I spend less money, and time worrying about food.  Because my food is prepared on Sunday for my week.

Chicken/Pork/Fish: Sunday is my night to get ready for my week to come.  So, get the BBQ fired up, or get out a few frying pans, put water in them. Turn burners on Medium-High, Add your chicken breasts to the pan and bring to a boil, Add Mrs. Dash seasonings (contains no salt) Cook for 20-30 minutes, check meat is thoroughly cooked.  Get out your Ziploc bags and put 2oz of meat in a bag. Easy to grab on the go.

Tuna: Yes, you should eat it raw. No adding mayonnaise, if you must add a little mustard. I go to Coscto and buy the Albacore Tuna in water. Cans are 7 oz each so I make three even sections out of the tuna.  Put each section in a Ziploc bag ... tuna is done. Eat with a fork.  If you can't stand tuna add another protein: Chicken, Turkey, or Pork no red meat.

Veggies: I personally love raw spinach, so I buy a big bin of organic spinach and throw a small hand full in small Ziploc bags.  If spinach isn't your thing you can use any veggie.  Just don't use Ranch Dressing to dunk them into.  High in Saturated Fat, and salt.

Oatmeal / Egg Whites:  I do not get these ready a week ahead of time. I make this every morning.  Stores sell egg whites now.  However, check the sodium levels.  Pre-Packaged = Salt.  If it contains sodium you will need to crack those eggs every day like I do. :)

Food Facts:
**This is a very brief overview. Dive in deeper into each topic. Knowledge is power!

Drinking Water = Lose weight If you drink water does it help you lose weight? Yes. Drinking water helps boost your metabolism.  There are many articles out there this one is a quick read How Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

Don't forget to ask yourself  "Are you really hungry, or just bored?"  Most people eat fast go back for seconds and feel miserable because they ate way too much food. Next time eat your small portions then drink water. If you think your hungry wait 15 minutes. This allows your stomach time to tell your brain you are full and satisfied.

Salt/Sodium = Salt retains water/fat. Especially for women when your body receives salt, it goes into storage mode. It stores water and fat, because naturally the body thinks it needs to in order to survive.  It is a survival kind of way the body reacts. Take away salt,  and watch the water weight, and fat disappear. Learn what foods contain Sodium. Read the labels on foods you will be surprised how much sodium is in pre-packaged foods, even salsa.

Pre-Packed Foods = Contain Salt/Sodium 
Get out of the lazy way of living, thinking all things should come to you quick and fast.  Spend some time in the kitchen and make your own food. This is the only way to know exactly what is going into your food.

Bread/Pasta/Carbs= Carbohydrates are found in many foods, especially breads, pastas, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Carbs provide your body with its primary source of energy, although it can also produce energy from fat if you are on a low-carb diet. All carbs are broken down into sugar.....

Sugar = Fat.  Sugars will turn to Fat. Did you know most fruit contains a lot of natural sugar?  Eat fruit in moderation.

Cravings = Basically you are coming off a drug 
Studies has shown that Sugar is more addictive than Cocaine. So, here you are stopping your sugar consumption cold turkey.... you are going to have cravings.  I don't know about you but I don't want to be addicted to anything. Especially sugar, or a drug. Stop, sneaking sugar, take a deep breathe, a level head, relax, and get over it. You will notice your body will crave sugar at the times you usually have given it sugar.  Notice the pattern, accept that you have an addiction and you need to get past this. Develop self control, and be strong. Do not let cravings control you. If it is really that difficult, Please find my Skinny Cookie recipe below.

Sorry for the bluntness of this article.  Somethings we just need tough love to get serious with ourselves. I cannot wait to hear your incredible weight loss stories. Please share your questions, comments, stories, and pictures below. I encourage you to tell me your excuses. I will give you advice any way I can. :) And, most importantly do not get discouraged.  I will be including healthy recipes shortly.

Cropped Pic of Meal Plan if you need it smaller:

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