Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To Easily Make A Red Hooded Cape

How To Make A Red Hooded Cape

This cape can be used for a Superhero, Witch, or Little Red Riding Hood costume. This tutorial is for a child size. 

Cut crushed red velvet material in a half oval shape.  From the top of the hood to the bottom is 14".

Have your sweet one hold the cape material around them. Then cut around the bottom at desired length. Keep cutting around the base while keeping a consitant length.

 Very easy to get the right length and easy to make it even.

Cut 2 strips 2" by 22", these will be your tie straps. 

Fold the tie strap material with the nice side IN, and sew the edges. Once done, attach a safety pin to one end, and pull through the middle until it turns RIGHT side out. Sew one end of your strap closed. Do the same to the other tie strap. You're getting closer :)

Sew all the edges under on the cape.

Take the cape material, and FOLD IT IN HALF. This allows you to locate the center easily.

Pin the hood to the cape, and sew. Just be sure you keep the straps going forward while sewing. And, you are done! Watch your little one run around the house and wear it for hours having fun.

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