Monday, May 12, 2014

Camping Checklist ~ Free Printable

Summer is a coming!  Who needs a free Camping Checklist, with Meal Ideas? If you do, click the "Click Here" below, print, and go.

Packing for camping is not fun at all.  However, this list will make it easy. I have also added meal ideas to make it easier for you.  As soon as our kids are out of school, we are off to the next camping destination. We try to hit different sites to show our kids the beautiful country we live in. The kids ride their bikes around the campground,  hubby and I relaxing by the campfire with a good book. Keep the packing, and cooking easy, and your camping experience will be a relaxing experience also.

CLICK HERE to view and print your camping checklist.  

With this checklist, there is no stress in forgetting a thing. I hope this makes your packing experience a little more organized, and fun.

Please share your camping recipes.  My newest recipe the whole family LOVES is Tater Tot Casserole. I cook everything ahead of time and put in separate Ziploc bags. Assemble once at camp, and bake.  It helps on the dishes, and makes camping more relaxing for me.

For the RVers out there, don't forget to add to this list:
~DVD Movies
~Fill Water Tank?
~Propane Tanks Filled?
~Check Tire Pressure

For New Mommies don't forget to add to the list"
~ Portable Crib
~ Foam Mat (to put under baby when not in crib).  You can find foam mats in puzzle piece shapes. Easy to take with you.
~ Baby Bottles
~ Cups / Bowls / Utensils for baby
~ Diapers
~ Baby Wipes
~ Baby Food

Love your comments, and Happy Camping!