Sunday, April 23, 2017

RV Remodel ~ From Drab to Fab

RV Remodel 

Day 1 DEMO

How did I remodel our old dingy, dirty Motor Home?  That is the question I have received multiple times so I thought I would share with you just what I did.  Trust me, if this girl can do it, you can do it.

For materials, and design ideas I go to inexpensive stores around me like WalMart, Big Lots, Target, etc.  Try to check out the inexpensive stores first.  There is no need to purchase ultra luxury items when it's going into an RV.  I went to BigLots, and found my inspiration... a shower curtain, and rugs in Brown and Teal tones.  You can find decorating inspiration in anything a picture, or even a tissue box. *Smiling*  Just use the inspiration for your paint color choices, and accent ideas, etc. After I had decorating ideas in mind the demo was ready to begin.

Day 1 - Demo
Time: 5 Hours

Cleaned out Motor Home
Removed Wallpaper
Took Down Old Curtains
Removed Curtain Track System
Removed Metal Trim Around Step Into Motor Home
Removed Carpet
Removed Cabinet Handles
Removed mirror off bathroom door
Masked off, and painted oven with heat resistant paint

It didn't take very long to get a lot done, here's the pictures showing the fun. (I do really enjoy doing remodeling, getting dirty, even covered in paint, etc) 

I start by tapping around the oven. Then I removed the metal top, burner frames, temperature handles, and front oven handle. After cleaning and tapping off the sides of the oven I spray painted it with Hight Heat Semi-Gloss Black Paint. (see below for the after picture)

Next, the wallpaper came down. It came down easily (to my surprise) exposing the wood paneling.  I used a box knife at the corners if the wallpaper went behind the cabinets.

Once the wallpaper was down I removed the ugly dirty curtains, and curtain track system. You can also try washing and dying the curtains to reuse if you want to save money.  

Next I started removing the metal trim from the top of the step at the entryway. They unscrewed easily. Save the metal to reuse after you install the new flooring

My lovely audience in the background (Cash, and Mad Dog) watching my every move. 

Get out your gloves and mask when because next, it is time to remove the carpet.  

Start in one corner, then work your way back. If it's difficult to remove the entire flooring, you can always cut the flooring in sections and remove smaller sections if it is easier.  

After the wallpaper was removed the walls had a few holes, and dents. Since this is wood paneling I used wood filler.

Wood filler is very easy to apply. I used a flat metal (looks like a spatchula) tool to press wood filler into wall,and left a smooth finish. Let dry, and sand smooth.  After using the wood filler (on a couple walls) I didn't like how rough the walls looked. So I sprayed wall texture (comes in a can - really easy to use) and solved that problem. Simple to use, just be sure you put a cloth down because it is super messy.

Next, it was time to sand the outside cabinet drawers.  The reason to do this is to remove the clear coat off the cabinet so paint will stick to it and won't flake off. Sand either by hand or use an electric sander.

Sanding went quick with the electric sander. After wiping down the walls and cabinets I could start painting.  To paint cabinets start with painting any details in the cabinet first. Not too bad for 3 hours of work, right? 

Day 2
Time: 4 1/2 Hours

Sanded cabinets and walls
Touched up a few areas with Wood Filler
Painted Cabinets (1st coat), start with any crevis areas
Painted Walls  (1st coat)
Sprayed Fabric Spray Dye to couch, and cushions
Spray Painted Black Heat Resistant Paint on Oven (2nd coat)

Day 3
Time:  2 1/2 Hours

Spray Painted Cabinet door handles with spray paint for metal (2nd coat)
Spray Painted Oven Burners (2nd coat)
Spray Painted Flooring Trim pieces by front door
Painted Cabinets (2nd coat)
Painted Inside Cabinets (1st coat)
Painted Inside the lower kitchen cabinet & put down flooring inside cabinet floor

Day 4
Time: 5 1/2 Hours
Spray Wall Texture (Bathroom door, and closet door)
Tiled Backsplash in Kitchen

Day 5
Time: 5 Hours
Painted Walls
More Backsplash Tiling in Kitchen
Shampooed the couch

Day 6 -8 
Decorating the Motorhome
My favorite part... how about I just show the pictures of the end result...

This project was a blast and I hope you enjoyed viewing the process.  If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please comment below.