Friday, November 8, 2013

Easy Trailer Kitchen Remodel

Easy Trailer Kitchen Remodel

Follow along to see the entire Motorhome remodel.

When I decided to remodel the Motorhome, I decided the kitchen needed a fun look.  I headed out to my favorite discount home decorating store.  After a lot of fun shopping for my inspiration I found the curtains you see in the above picture....the color scheme was found.

You can use shower curtains (made with material not plastic), drapes, or find your favorite material.  The price of material being as expensive as it is these days, I try to find other options for inexpensive material.

Here is the Motor Home Kitchen Before (yuck!)   

The first step, was to remove the ugly outdated wallpaper. To my surprise there were two layers of wallpaper to remove. Once I was able to remove the bottom layer, the wallpaper came off easily.  I used a razor knife to cut the wallpaper at the ceiling, and around the countertop trim.  This allows the wallpaper that is behind cabinets, trim, and countertops to remain in place. 

I will paint over the wallpaper inside cabinets so I didn't want to remove the wallpaper in some areas.  When it comes to remodeling Trailers you just need to decide what is worth removing vs. what is better to keep and just paint over.  I wanted to keep the trim installed on the countertop, so cutting the wallpaper off around the counter was necessary. If I pulled the wallpaper off around it, it would have pulled off the trim. 

Removed the old curtain track system from all windows. Some needed to be unscrewed. Most of track could be removed just by pulling it off.

I taped off the oven and started painting the upper and lower cabinets.

If your cabinets have any detail, paint the detail with a brush first. Then you can use a small roller. For the upper and lower cabinets I used BEHR Premium Plus Ultra with Primer, color: Vast Desert.

I taped off the oven, sprayed the oven, and oven vent with High Head Rust-oleum Gloss Finish.  The Matte finish will make it difficult to clean. Gloss finish helps to be able to just wipe it clean. 

Once the Heat Resistant paint dried, and the first coat of paint dried on the cabinets it was time for the backsplash to be installed.

Since this glass tile is going into a trailer Power Grab All Purpose Adhesive is the best choice.
This allows the trailer to move without the tiles breaking. Turn the tile square over and apply adhesive.

The curtains were made from store bought drapes.  Just cut off the excess of the material you don't need, and sew the edges closed.
It's that easy!  What a change a little paint and tile can make. 

Happy Remodeling!
And don't forget to share your pictures with me.
~ Jeannine