Sunday, November 2, 2014

Silkie Chicken Roosting Box

It looks like a bird feeder doesn't it?  :)
Most Silkie Chickens do not roost like other chickens. My Silkie Rooster DOES roost at night, however the mama Silkies do not. Since Winter is right around the corner,  it was time to make a Roosting / Nesting box. Since, my Silkie doesn't go upstairs to roost at night, this roosting box will be place downstairs in the coop. Plus, now that my Silkie is 8 months old, she laid her first egg. So, she deserves a box for laying her cute little eggs. 

In designing the roosting box,  I wanted the opening to be just big enough for my Silkie Chicken to enter.Yet, not big enough for the rest of my chickens to enter.  I have Rhode Island Reds, and a Plymouth Rock Chickens. My "regular" sized chickens cannot enter this box. Leaving this just for my Silkie girl to enjoy.

What is a Silkie Chicken you say?  Here is our Silkie Chicken Daisy:
She is so sweet, many times I pick her up she sits on my lap, and she falls asleep.  If you are thinking of having a Silkie, you will not believe how much they DO NOT act like a chicken. More like a lap dog. :)

Our entire flock:

Here is a picture of our Chicken Coop:
Since this (above) coop picture was taken, I have added shutters to the window. It helps keep my girls warm at night, and during cold days.  

The coop has a large metal food feeder that holds about a months worth of food at a time.  The watering system is made of plumbing pipe, and chicken nipples. That holds about 3 weeks worth of water.  My family takes a lot of weekend getaway camping trips. So, I wanted to be sure their food, and water was able to stay full while we are gone.  Plus, I don't have to be constantly maintaining the chickens.  Makes life a lot easier!  
Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my chickens. :)
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